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Sony's last reported subscription numbers were given as more than 430,000 players on 14 January 2004.Ever Quest initially launched with volunteer "Guides" who would act as basic customer service/support via 'petitions'.Since about 2006, the game went into a sharp decline.

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While the exact statistics on Ever Quest subscriptions are not public, computer games analyst Bruce Woodcock estimates, based on public sources such as press statements, that the game had 200,000 subscriptions in March 2000, one year after initial release, with an increase to more than 450,000 subscriptions by July 2003.

However, the same analysis points at a sharp decline after mid-2005, back to 200,000 in May 2006.

To implement the design, Smedley hired programmers Brad Mc Quaid and Steve Clover, who had come to Smedley's attention through their work on the single player RPG Warwizard.

Mc Quaid soon rose through the ranks to become executive producer for the Ever Quest franchise and emerged during development of Ever Quest as a popular figure among the fan community through his in-game avatar, Aradune.

Based on that, I estimate the total subscription base by now has declined to the 40,000 to 50,000 range.

The first four expansions were released in traditional physical boxes at roughly one-year intervals.

By the end of the year, it had surpassed competitor Ultima Online in number of subscriptions.

Numbers continued rising rapidly until mid-2001 when growth slowed.

These were highly ambitious and offered huge new landmasses, new playable races and new classes.

The expansion Shadows of Luclin (2001) gave a significant facelift to player character models, bringing the by-then dated 1999 graphics up to modern standards.

Issues could be forwarded to the Game Master assigned to the server or resolved by the volunteer.

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