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Farhad Darya Farhad Darya is an award winning popular Afghan singer and composer.

It even won the prestigious Golden Globe award for best foreign film at a ceremony in California, USA in January 2004.

"Osama" is the story of a young girl during the oppressive rule of the Taliban who is forced to dress like a boy in order to provide for her mother and grandmother.

Between the years of 19, Darya launched more than 15 albums in Afghanistan; and between 19, he completed another 13 albums while in exile. Sayed Ahmad Gailani Gailani is the head of Mahaz-i-Milli-Islami (National Islamic Front).

He is a strong supporter of the former Afghan king Mohammad Zahir.

"Osama" won the prestigious Golden Globe award for best foreign film at a ceremony in California, USA in January 2004.

Golbahari's role in the movie was well received by many critics.Eventually, he rose up to become a powerful military commander and an important leader in the Pashai community.During the war against the Taliban, he was aligned with Ahmad Shah Masood.He was appointed to this position on April 30, 2004.Previously, he served as the Charge d'Affaires (Minister Counselor) of the Afghan Embassy in Washington, DC. He returned in 1988 and joined Ahmad Shah Masood's forces. During the war against the Taliban, Amin served as an important spokesperson for the United Front (UNIFSA). Sayed Hussein Anwari Anwari was the former Agriculture minister in Afghanstan's transitional government.After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Afzali was very active in helping refugees from Afghanistan to settle and integrate in Iran.


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