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Are you going to take the easy road and keep ‘hanging out,’ or are you going to take a chance and climb the tree?

You might fall down a few times and get hurt, but you will become better on each climb to a new apple.

You had not planned to be together, but rather together.

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30-year-old Shani Silver got asked out on a “date,” but didn’t hear from the guy until 10p.m.

Let’s review a few “dating experiences” cited in the piece… If Joe comes up with a plan or if you do or if you and Jane collaborate, but you plan to do IMO, a date must include a shared activity for it to be a date.

Men, in order to avoid rejection (and possibly effort), will do what is easiest. They won’t approach the woman who they want to get to know because she just might be out of his league.

They will grab at the apple on the bottom branch, because hey, it’s easier.

Do women want to be equal, or do they want to be courted? Without asking a woman on a proper date, she has no reason to believe you even isn’t a good reason to invite her on a real life date, I don’t know what is. They get invited to clubs and parties and events and whatevers, constantly. Let’s be honest – a lot of men out there are just trying to get into her pants. Telling her isn’t enough, you’re going to have to show her.

For this reason, think about how rare it is for a woman to be asked on a date. I’m sure I am not the only one who has heard the low-hanging fruit analogy when it comes to dating. But if you are invited over to someone’s place to hang out and don’t leave or do anything, that’s a non-date. It could turn into a date if both people want it to turn into a date, but it’s not presumed. I once found myself on a date that turned into a non-date the minute he told me all of his friends were meeting us at the concert. If the plan for your date was to go over to one of your places and cook dinner and watch a movie, fine. If colleague/co-worker/friend asks you to get together to talk business, that’s a non-date. You should not assume that there is any romantic future awaiting you on your non-date. And the whole time this is happening, the freshest fruits are in the top branches staying untouched because every man is thinking the same way.Little do they know, desirable women are probably not being asked on as often as you might think. And many times, there are really no role models out there leading by example for Essentially, everyone is like a ship at sea without a destination.

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