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The family includes most of the languages of Europe, as well as many languages of Southwest, Central and South Asia.

With over 2.6 billion speakers (or 45% of the world’s population), the Indo-European language family has the largest number of speakers of all language families as well as the widest dispersion around the world.

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Indo-European languages are classified into 11 major groups, 2 of which are extinct, comprising 449 languages (Ethnologue).

Baltic This conservative group has preserved many archaic features thought to have been present in PIE.

Modern Indo-European languages reflect the rich morphology of PIE to various degrees.

For instance, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Armenian have extremely rich morphologies.

What is known about PIE word order, therefore, is a subject of conjecture and debate.

It is thought likely that word order in PIE sentences was Subject-Object-Verb.

Indo-European is a family of languages that first spread throughout Europe and many parts of South Asia, and later to every corner of the globe as a result of colonization.

The term Indo-European is essentially geographical since it refers to the easternmost extension of the family from the Indian subcontinent to its westernmost reach in Europe.

These records, mostly in the form of inscriptions, do not provide sufficient material for the reconstruction of PIE.

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