Christian dating or courting

It’s always some selection from the “men good, women bad” pool of divorce rape/women don’t have feelings/don’t get married/church girls are sluts/there are no good women anymore/etc.

On the other hand, it was like Gottlieb stepped outside of herself to offer an objective voice about her situation.

I would like to believe that Gottlieb actually, genuinely learned from the experiences chronicled in the book, but she IS still unmarried, so….

Rather, it reads like a cautionary tale not to let excessive pickiness keep you from getting married, or, as Gottlieb points out in the book, if you let an 8 go in hopes of snagging a 10, you’ll most likely end up with only 5s as your options. On the one hand, it was a sort of quasi-memoir where Gottlieb portrayed herself as a delusional elitist who couldn’t accept that as a 41-year-old single mother (by choice through artificial insemination), her dating prospects, especially in L.

A., were rather limited and that her options from professional matchmakers and dating websites generally were balding divorced men.

Would finally having sex with a blonde have made Elliot Rodger happy? Would he have deleted his manifesto as irrelevant if a girl had told him she thought he was better than the rest of the guys specifically because he had a BMW? If anything, he would have started hating the girl who liked him for his car or who had sex with him because he still hated himself. So focus on the things that will enable you to live a full life and be someone who can be someone to others. Because of the title, the book has been criticized for telling women to take whomever will have them just so they can be married.

Having now read the book, I can definitely say that this isn’t what the book advocates.

I’m not trying to belittle real hurt, but bitterness destroys – and bitterness is something that is CHOSEN.

Bitterness doesn’t happen to someone out of the blue.

I’ve learned a lot from the manosphere, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect place.

Like any corner of the internet, it has its echo chamber qualities; a few voices can be amplified until that’s all anyone can hear, and then those ideas become the predominant mode of thinking.

Conversely, how often have Christian girls been told to give Christian men encouragement to grow in their faith and to have patience with them if they weren’t as “strong” in the faith as the women?

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