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Although both Gibbard and Tamborello's main projects were still active at the time, The Postal Service supported the album with a successful concert tour, and stated its intention to tour again in the future.Give Up received gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America in March 2005, and later receiving platinum certification in October 2012.Due to conflicting schedules, Tamborello wrote and performed instrumental tracks and then sent the DATs to Gibbard through the United States Postal Service, who then edited the song as he saw fit (adding his vocals along the way) and sent them back to Tamborello.

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I don't know about it being the indie-rock Chinese Democracy, but now that Chinese Democracy has come out, I guess it just becomes the second Postal Service record that will never come out.

There never really was a plan to do a second album.

star, 32, and Death Cab for Cutie crooner, 36, were divorced on Dec.

12, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

It was also later covered by Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, The Scene Aesthetic, Brack Cantrell, Streetlight Manifesto, Confide, Joy Kills Sorrow and Postmodern Jukebox. The third and final single, "We Will Become Silhouettes", was covered by The Shins, and the original version was featured in the trailer for the movie Funny People.

Confide would later release a music video for their cover of "Such Great Heights". On June 22, 2007, it was revealed that The Postal Service had begun work on a new album, though the specifics of the production and the release date were vague. We're crawling right now, and whether that crawl turns into a walk remains to be seen. I've just been touring so much and trying to find time to make it happen and make our schedules line up." Tamborello added, "We're talking about wanting to finish an album by sometime next year, because we have to work with Death Cab's schedule and stuff.The second single, "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight", was featured in the soundtrack of the 2004 film D. I definitely want to do another one." On February 29, 2008, Spinner released an article stating that The Postal Service may not release a new album.Ben Gibbard stated, "Jimmy and I are still throwing ideas back and forth, but as time goes on, we find ourselves busy with our own music. We have some stuff, but it's been difficult to find the time and the drive to do the record.Gibbard said that both he and Tamborello do not see it as a priority in light of their main projects, Death Cab for Cutie and Dntel, respectively.He said, "The anticipation of the second record has been a far bigger deal for everybody except the two of us...The album was Sub Pop's most successful release after Nirvana's debut album, Bleach.


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