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NEFE Financial Planning High School Program ( Address teens financial knowledge and behaviors- Things you need to know when transitioning to adulthood; Discuss banking, housing, insurance (auto, home, and health), credit, utilities, etc; Address financial education – Values, beliefs, and attitudes about money; Develop mock personal savings plan and development of savings account; Differentiate between assets and expenses; Address female stereotypes with finances (i.e. Will discuss parenting skills with teen moms; Provide education geared towards healthy practices in caring for their bodies through women’s care; Address how hygiene influences those around them, how it affects them, and how it affects the baby; Provide interactive mock activities to help develop and/or improve parenting skills. Will encourage confidence to help members feel comfortable with themselves, thus exhibiting that confidence in social settings; Provide girls with a skill set in the areas of social skills, decision making, coping mechanisms, and life skills; Address family gynamics and helping to break the barriers of generational poverty and otherat-risk behaviors; Will incorporate Life Skills Training facilitation manuals as well as ARISE Life Skills facilitation manuals.Address the height to weight ratio; Address daily caloric intake and healthy diet as well as the need for moderation in eating and exercise activities; Will address the effects of substance abuse on the body and how it ultimately can affect others. Will address cultural diversity in the modern world, define it, and relate it to their current environment; Will hold special activities, allowing all members to display their own cultural beliefs by way of celebrations and other special events.

The platform was about three feet high and could fit about thirty people, and we squeezed about fifty on there before we had to start turning people away.

That night, I learned that if there is a platform available, rich people will do to stand on it.

You don’t sign up for Farmers if you don’t want to meet someone who understands the nuances of fertilizer.

And you don’t sign up for Raya if you don’t want to meet people who care about being elite and exclusive. Donald Trump., Tinder is the steerage to Raya’s first class.

In The League, you only get a few matches every day because the app wants them to feel "special." When I was accepted, I was presented with three Elite men. “To be honest, it was a thrilling adventure,” he said.

They were all well-educated, white, and in finance. “One time I got picked up for drinks by a C-lister's manager.

In an effort to bridge the gap with youth in our communities, the Elite Ladies of PAL desires to fill a community need for mentoring for at-risk females within Seminole County.

It is our goal to reach out to at-risk females within the community to reduce the risk of criminal activity while positively impacting the lives of girls within the county.

These girls are referred through community partner such as community based agencies (CBC of Seminole, Horizon’s Counseling Center, Boys and Girls Club, Midway Safe Harbor), schools (SRD/SRO referrals), and community churches.

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