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Today half of my nine flights this year had me chewing my fingernails about weight on the way to the airport.

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), *Gregory Border 35 (35L) *Berghaus Freeflow 30 6 (36L) *Osprey Farpoint 40 (40L) *Tortuga Outlander (45L) *Osprey Porter 46 (46L) Here are some in-depth descriptions of the most common RTW travel backpack options.

This video shows you how much stuff fits in different sized bags. Your vertebrae will be disgusted with you if you get this bag or even this bag or this bag (unless you're a huge person).

And this pocket-filled jacket is so beautiful and perfect for travel, it makes me weak in the knees, but the price might make you weak in the knees. The bag was hard to keep dry, got everything in my toiletries bag wet, and the hanging flap always got in my way. She reckons it creates a place to set your stuff, keep clothes and towels dry, and prevents her from forgetting shower items.

My bag like this is nice for keeping contacts, fingernail clippers, etc. When I want to go out for the day, the messenger bag is often busy keeping anti-air-con sweaters handy and carrying food items. Overused and rampantly available in almost every part of the world.

It allows you to sprawl out at your destination but transit compactly.

I've replaced mine a few times, but getting a light, expandable bag remains one of my top five packing tips!

Update 2018: I'm still carrying my 2014 thrift store score almost identical to this amazing foldable duffel bag. I rarely fill it - even when I'm toting around a huge stash of food.

Mine has a strap that allows me to carry it like a messenger bag.

of experience being in foreign countries with just a backpack full of stuff, and I’ve spent heaps more time living outside my home country. On their backs, they have double what any traveler really needs, for a total of 300% of the weight they need to be carrying.

I’ve also logged well over 1,000 miles carrying a backpack in the woods. Quick – someone get them a minimalist packing list!

Airlines are really starting to crack down on weight restrictions - especially in Europe and Asia.


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