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), cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen reveals that when she was first approached by Aaron Sorkin to shoot “Molly’s Game,” she realized that the film was “a portrait of a woman more than [it is] about the poker games.” Sorkin made his directorial debut with this true story of Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive poker game before becoming a target of the F. “It is a challenge,” she divulges, “because it isn’t about the visuals, and at the same time the visuals have to support the words.” In the case of “Molly’s Game,” “there’s so much voice-over, and a lot of the images…

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To watch someone you love have their life eaten away – bit by bit, by this insidious and horrid disease – becomes an indelible part of your psyche.

She first went under the knife in February, and had her final round of surgery in April.

We strive for excellence in both teaching gymnastics skills and keeping kids fit, but also to help kids learn valuable life lessons such as work ethic, time management, perseverance and social skills.

While we want to create a successful program and successful athletes, our main goal is that our athletes leave their class or practice feeling a sense of pride in what they did that day.

Former Bond girl Denise Richards, who starred alongside Mr Brosnan in The World is Not Enough, wrote on Twitter: 'My heart goes out to Pierce Brosnan & his family...

so devastating.' Stephanie Zimbalist, who played opposite the actor in hit TV show Remington Steele, posted on Facebook: 'Sad co-star news to announce.

Perfect Balance wants to help families create well-rounded kids who work hard and love what they are doing.

We encourage kids to set their own individual goals and work daily to achieve them. She is learning new things in every class, but is more importantly having fun!

According to Macmillan Cancer, if a woman has only have one relative who was middle-aged or elderly when they developed ovarian cancer, or a relative with breast or ovarian cancer on each side of the family, a woman’s risk may not be significantly increased.

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