Rv042 dyndns updating

IPv6 support in the RV042 was introduced in firmware

rv042 dyndns updating-25

They all still have 10/100 ports, both on the LAN and WAN, the difference being in the total number of LAN and WAN ports. In back of the RV042 are the WAN and LAN ports, as well as a recessed reset button. A Realtek RTL8309G switch rounds out the list of major components.

For 2011, the look and feel of the RV042's menu has been updated, but remains intuitive and easy to navigate.

The setup of the 2x AT&T U-verse Business modems and the Linksys Dual WAN router is working really well.

The problem we are having since changing our network is that the "Open DNS Updater" software that is installed on all computers in the office.

In fact, Cisco has changed processors and increased memory across its RV0XX line, hence this new look at the RV042 "v3". As described in the New to the Charts article, the RV042 is powered by a 300 MHz Cavium CN5010, replacing the Intel IXP425-266 in the V1.

The RV042 is still the little brother to the RV082 and RV016. The RV016 has 16 total ports, of which 8 are LAN, 5 can be LAN or WAN, 2 are WAN, and 1 WAN/DMZ port. It is still 5.1” across the front, 7.9” from front to back, and 1.5” high. RAM and flash have been bumped up to 128 MB and 32 MB, respectively, up from 32 MB and 8 MB in the original RV042.

There are 10 main menus on the left side of the screen, each with 1-11 sub-menus. You configure the RV042 via a browser, but there is a known problem with Firefox.

I had no trouble with IE8 and Safari connecting to the RV042, but the configuration pages were not completely displayed using Firefox on Windows.

There are 6 computers in the office, and only 2 are having a problem with the "Open DNS Updater" application windows appears and flashes 2 different IP addresses slowly.

When I open the application manually and click on the "update now" button in the section labeled "IP Address" it flashes between 2 different IP address really fast then stops on one of the IP addresses.

We have recently changed from a single AT&T U-verse modem setup, to a new Linksys LRT244 Dual WAN router and have added a second AT&T U-verse modem.


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