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SO WE’RE GONNA BE PLANNING A WEDDING Y’ALL OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! We’d been talking about getting married for a while so we could take an exciting new step forward together. I knew that ex-Manfriend (which he will go by until we get something better into play so get your suggestions in soon) had talked to my parents for their blessing over Thanksgiving.

Because I honestly thought that he was visiting his grandma that morning, but would be meeting me at the barn afterwards to watch me ride. I was busy blasting some seasonal Mariah and in a fantastic mood, so I let the “probably” slide. Something you should know about me: I LOVE BALLOONS. My dad always brings them to the airport when he picks me up because I always tell him that a reunion without balloons is just a meeting. At this point, I’m thinking that someone has decided to take their Christmas pics with balloons.

Anyway, here are her agonies: All these are present in his husband mind and there’s no way she can change it.

I honestly thought I had a lesson scheduled for 2, but would be going early to hang out. Because naturally, balloons are festive and lovely and who wouldn’t want that?! And then I turned the corner and realized that it was for sure my horse.

In case my trainer is reading this, you still owe me that lesson. I’m ready to go help out this genius soul with their gorgeous balloon-inspired photoshoot. There’s plenty of bay horses at the barn, but this one looked pretty tall. And that standing in front of him was Manfriend in the blazer that he DEFINITELY HAD and holding roses. To be fair, he retorted by mockingly saying, “Nicholas is this it?! I side-eyed my way over to him to listen to what he had to say.

I know many of you may NOT agree with it (including me) but in one way or another , the foreigner has also a point. Are there any Filipina out there who got married to a foreigner or white guy and experienced this kind of agony to their husband?

I actually heard some news about it – The Alleck Baldwin Mail Order Bride remarks that enrages Philippines and Filipinos around the globe.

I would’ve said yes no matter how he asked, but the fact that he came to my favorite place on the planet and involved my heart horse made it so far and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of.

I’m so grateful for my friends who took all these wonderful pics to remember the occasion and helped Nicholas coordinate everything.

The sad sad stories continued, his job sucked, his family was awful, all women broke his heart and he just COULDN’T commit.

So, you might ask…what in HELL was I doing dating this scum bag?

I have read your blogs and I find it incredibly decietful to talk as if you understand human emotion with such clarity & wisdom. What I give a sh*t about is the human condition – the feelings we have, the actions inspired by them, and the honesty with which we convey those feelings to the world.

The fact is, you have treated people like shit, walked all over them, lied to them and then acted as if you had no responsibility for your own actions. I sincerely hope that you are a changed person, for yourself and all who come in contact with you. For your role in this, (insert name here) – I thank you.

This was sorta a red flag because he had NO friends, everyone of my friends thought I was nuts for dating this douche bag and well, when he told me he got a side job 600 miles away for the weekend I should have guessed it paid pretty damn good! If I was the person I used to be – I would author a no-holds-barred response. I take no offense to you in this moment; the purge of negativity I’ve just witnessed is between you and you only.


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