Dakar dating senegal

These scams typically result from connections made through internet dating schemes or chat rooms.

Once a virtual friendship develops, the Australian citizen may be asked by their friend or prospective marriage partner to send money to enable travel to Australia.

If you are a victim of a financial scam obtain legal advice.

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Dakar dating senegal

Victims have been defrauded and those who travel to the originating country have had their lives endangered. Criminals have been known to seek details of 'safe' bank accounts overseas in which to transfer large sums of money (as a donation or for a percentage of the amount involved).

They may also provide fake cashier cheques for 'urgent' shipments of large quantities of goods, request sizeable fees for a fake government contract and extort money from individuals they have convinced to travel to Africa for a business opportunity.

Senegal is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as endemic for yellow fever.

Yellow fever is a serious and potentially fatal disease preventable by vaccination.

Reports of violent crime, such as robberies and muggings at knifepoint, have increased, particularly after dark along the Corniche d’Ouest. Be alert about your personal safety and avoid walking in isolated areas or along dark streets at night.

Commercial and internet fraud: Commercial and internet fraud is prevalent and often originates in West African countries.

In some cases the relationship is terminated with very little chance that any funds can be recovered.

In other cases, foreigners may be lured to Africa to meet their friend or prospective marriage partner and can become victims of crime including kidnapping, assault and robbery. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.

Armed bandits are known to operate in the area and travellers have been attacked.

The possibility of armed clashes between separatist groups and the Senegalese Army persists.

Exercise a high degree of caution in the cities of Cap Skirring and Ziguinchor, and the main road connecting the two.


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