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Keirsey described their role in a romantic relationship as “soulmate.” They search for deep, genuine connections.

Quality Time and Words of Affirmation seem like the most likely love languages, though Physical Touch and Acts of Service are also good possibilities.

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Becoming familiar with their Myers-Briggs type will help tremendously, but it’s not enough by itself.

You also benefit from an understanding of Love Languages.

Another thing it’s often used for is trying to predict what type of person we’ll be attracted to, and most compatible with, in a romantic sense.

Unfortunately, MBTI only gives part of the picture in this regard.

Without them, people fall in love and out of love again; with them, a man and woman will become increasingly valuable to each other and know that they are contributing to each other’s lives.” (Myers) A mutual willingness to work together and actively build-up the relationships is more important than compatible MBTI types.

One aspect of this is understanding the other person and learning how to love them.Myers-Briggs types have much to tell us about ourselves and other people.Our MBTI type reflects our preferences for crowded parties or small gathering, describes how we connect with other people, shows us how we naturally respond to stress, and gives us a picture of our innate strengths and weaknesses.These all involve doing something for or with the loved one, which would appeal strongly to SP types.Duty-fulfilling SJ types tend to play what Keirsey described as a “helpmate” role in relationships.These love languages visibly or verbally confirm that a SJ’s loved ones appreciate their constant reliability.

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