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Surely, his daughter's new husband would have been sent as well as his other callow son who led on Meg's sister.

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I thought it was genius career movie to go from playing a homeless narcoleptic rent boy in Portland to an Oxford educated Edwardian glutton. True, r16, but I would definitely say that Forster implies that Tibby and the Schlegels are sort of "the end of the family line," at least in terms of traditional upper class European/British inheritance.

The inheritors at the end are the non-traditional family of the Schlegel sisters and Leonard's "posthumous" baby.

They would have been ostracized by some people (mostly the conservative types), but probably very few of those were in their progressive intellectual wealthy circle. s.-- "S C H L E G [bold]E[/bold] L S"[quote]And for that matter, are we to assume that Cecil, Lucy's fiance, is gay and that's why he is so hostile towards Lucy? In fact you get that feeling in the movie version as well.

I agree with the post which stated that it's so damn hard to tell with British men. I always feel a tinge of sadness when I see or read tales of life before WWI. Tolkien famously wrote that only one of his friends survived the war.

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Emma won, of course, and Vanessa was nominated, but what about Helena, Anthony, and Samuel West, who did such a nice job as the doomed Mr. In answer to OP's question, I do think Tibby was very much into the gentlemen.

Adrian Ross Magenty had such a cute young bum (displayed in a deleted scene from Maurice).{quote]What would have happened to the half German, half English Schlegals during the First World War?

I assume Jackie Bast goes back to turning tricks, which worked out well for her before.[quote]EM Forster was an uncanny prophet.


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  2. During the World War II era and continuing through the 1940s, young male adults in the United States were scarce.

  3. These silversmiths generally had small shops, did most of their work by hand and produced goods in traditional English or French styles.

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