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And your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Among signatories is James Westbrooke, Thomas Westbrook (also Abraham Crowder) Mecklenburg Legislative Petition 1777 1782 Aug 12-James Westbrook donated 1 smooth bore gun for Continental use taken into service and not returned.

so that I may live to serve you in this good cause of God’s, that your Highness have now undertaken, which I do beseech God to make prosoerous. He signed a will on April 17, 1761 in Southampton Co, VA. “To loving wife Honour, use of my manor plantation including 1/3 part of 334 acres during her natural life or widowhood, and after her death or marriage, to my son Gray and if Gray does not live to be 21 years, to my son Thomas. by 1720, have also seen John, husband of Amy as son of Samuel Westbrook (Amy’s brotherinlaw through her sister Mary??? Thomas WESTBROOK was born about 1696 in Southampton Co, VA. Morgan and Company Cincinnati, OH Stereotyped by E. 26, 1867) Addenda: Great Grandfather Burwell Westbrook and Grandfather Gray Westborok were both born in Greene Co.

I rest Your Highnesses most humble and faithful servant Thomas Westbrook and Joane Aylett had the following child: Notes for James “Aylett” Westbrook: Prince George County, Virginia DB B 1710-1713 p83 LVA Reel 13 In the name of God Amen I James Westbrooke of Bristol Parish in Pr. County & in year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred & eleven being weak in body but of perfect sense & memory Thanks be all mighty God for I James do constitute & appoint this to be my last will and testament revoking all wills by me hereafter made Imprimis First I bequeath my sole to Almighty God that gave it me trusting my merits of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ to be saved and my body to buried according to discretion of my Executrix hereafter named Item I give to my son Sam Westbrooke one shilling Item I give to my son William Westbrooke one shilling Item I give to my son John Westbrooke one long gun called Malone and two pewter dishes my one deep dish and one flat one & two pewter plates & one iron pot one small chest fore pewter spoons & if he stays upon ye plantation I now live on then to have ye carpenter’b4s tools between him and his mother in law Eliz Westbrook Item I give to my son James Westbrook one small gun and one heifer of two years old to be delivered him when he is eighteen year old Item I give to my son Thomas Westbrook one shilling Item I give to my daughter Margaret Westbrook one shilling Item I give to my daughter Frances Westbrook one shilling Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Westbrook one shilling Item I give to my loving wife Elizabeth Westbrook all my remaining of my estate after my debts & legacies are paid & I do hereby constitute & appoint my loving wife my whole & sole executrix of this my last will & testament signed and delivered this 30th day of July 1711 his James I W Westbrook mark Henry Batte Generation 5 (con’t) William [H] Huff Pr. To Thomas I give 2/3 of the land whereon I now live to be equally divided when his son William becomes 21, between his sons william and Thomas. or 1714 He signed a will on October 26, 1766 in VA. Blanche Adams Chapman, Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800, (Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore MD 1975), Pg. Wife Elizabeth; son Benjamin; son Jesse; brother Thomas Westbrook; friend Joshua Claud; brother-in-law, William Vaughn; to Helica, daughter of Thomas Westbrook; son Dempsey. White, New York Great Grandfather Burwell Westbrook, was born April 6, 1750, died Jan. NC Notes for Samuel Westbrook: SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA – WILLS AND ESTATES – Samuel Westbrook, ————–‘a4’a4’a4’a4’a4’a4————– Wills: Samuel Westbrook, Southampton Co, VA (1785) IN THE NAME OF GOD amen, I Samuel Westbrook of the County of Southampton calling to mind the uncertainty of human life do make and appoint this to be my Last Will & Testament and first I recommend my soul to almighty God who gave it and my body to be buried in a christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter mentioned and as to what worldly goods it has pleased almighty God to bestow on me I dispose of them in manner following: Item: I give to my son Burwell Westbrook all my land on the south side of the rin?

It is on the memorial to Dr Robert Aylett in Great Braxted church, is referenced in connection with one of the Coggeshall Ayletts, and appears on the marriage settlement of one of the Kelvedon Ayletts marrying a grandaughter of Sir Benjamin Ayloffe.

The coat of arms given as AYLET is associated with John Aylett of Magdalen Laver and consisted of three gold rings (annulets) on a red background (gules). Rob Westbrook Notes for John Battle Westbrook: John WESTBROOK was born in 1712 in Isle Of Wight, VA. formerly Isle of Wight, VA He died in 1761 in Southampton Co, VA.

beh confrontate con tutti la vostra nave e inserite qui le caratteristiche in dettaglio.

e la vostra nave provoca la paura nel cuore delle vedette nemiche???They have bought of the Dutch a frigate, that shall carry twelve pieces of ordanace, a purpose for to keep betwixt Cora upon the port Aneckow (sic) and this Generation 4 (con’t) place, which I heard will do much mischief in the taking of small vessels that may be bound for Jamaica. 1719; Proved 23 July 1733: “JOHN WESTBROOKE of Isle of Wright County Daughter ANN WESTBROOK my plantation I now live on and 150 acres thereto belong and my left handed gun & stock. Dolly Sandefur, Thomas John Battle Westbrook had the following children: Notes for Burwell Westbrook: Bible owned by Mrs.So as I am being one of your Highnesses faithful subjects, I have thought it fit to make bold to write this (sic) lines to give you advice of proceedings here, and I hope that God will in his good time work my deliverance . Boddie, p 33 and 380) was living in Isle of Wight co. Wit: James Ramsey, Thomas Westbrook, Helica Westbrook. Walter Brame, West Point, MS Holy Bible, Published by E.for we are daily shipped from the port to the Main and to the Havana, but for what intent I know not, but I fear it is a prolonging of our misery, unless we have some redress from your Highness. Simmons; Tho: Perry; Walker x Ennis” Lived in the part of Isle of Wight co VA which became Southampton in 1749. To son Moses 150 acres that I bought of Thomas Day — 10 pounds. Exs., brother John Westbrook and brother-in-law William Vaughn. to son Thomas — negro slave named Little Peter; son Elias – negro named Jack, son Burwell – negro named Doll.Here is a new Governor from Spain, which hath been a soldier, for he intends to fortify this place with all expedition, but at present he hath done little, unless he hath sent away the English. A John Westbrook came to New England on the Richard in August of 1682 from London. to son Thomas — negro slave named Little Peter; son Elias – negro named Jack, son burwell – negro named Doll. My loving wife Honour to have the use of negro slaves during her natural life or widowhood; after her marriage or decease to be sold and the money equally divided among all my children who are living.Notes for Thomas Westbrook: Thomas WESTBROOK was born about 1605 in Essex, Eng. Hutchins magazine, 1964: “The history of the Westbrook family has been traced to 1430 AD at Godalming, Surrey, Eng, where there is a Westbrook Road, Houses and Mill.

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