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Hope it helps, good luck with finding the right white label dating solution.The biggest ones are While Label Dating Solutions, World Dating Partners and Cupid PLC. For adult traffic AFF is pretty good but they are not a Whitealbel.I am looking specifically for companies that offer 'white label dating solutions'.

The branded/template websites they design are super professional and good looking, the data analysis is limitless, and they're also the best when it comes to tracking, commission rates, conversion and retention rates.

If you're not interested in creating your own white label dating site, they also offer an affiliate system where you can promote somebody else's website with an affiliate link. PS: the link is also in my sig because I am a top affiliate with them and have special agreements with them, but they're genuinely the best, I have affiliate links with other networks but I won't mention them because they don't come close.

However, as the type and scale of services and support varies by provider, we then drew up a list of ‘key influencers’ that a prospective partner should be taking into consideration when assessing which company is best suited to their needs.

We hope that this White Label Provider Comparison Study is useful and succeeds in its objective in helping prospective dating site operators to make a more informed decision over which dating site operator to select.

The reason I am asking is because I have been a top affiliate of years and about 90% of my traffic is from the US, and I never had a problem with the traffic or the payments (always been paid twice a month on schedule without any delays).

As to currencies, they always convert all currencies into your preferred one before processing your payment, so nothing to worry about.COURTLAND BROOKS - Feb 1 - Back in 2007, Courtland Brooks conducted a pioneering study that set out to compare the various white label dating providers and their service offerings.The online dating industry has grown rapidly since then.So maybe a good call would be asking directly affiliate program managers if they can setup custom branding for you.Michelle Customer Support ========================= Want a step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing? Michelle, as far as I know, the sites you listed are just dating sites with some having affiliate programs.


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