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And they do not want to even give the poor Tamil women the honour of killing themselves.

So, they kill them and feed their sadistic ego, because even the ugliest (there are not any though) of the Tamil will not be agreeing to have consensual sex with them, and even these ugliest (I repeat, there are no ugly Tamil women at all) Tamil women will be pretty and beautiful than the best Sinhali woman ever.

Dinagaran Navartnasingam April 8, 2013 am (Pacific time)people please try to understand the message that is trying to be shared to people around the world...

this should not happen to anyone any race, color, religion, ethnicity etc... very sad =(Varun March 28, 2013 am (Pacific time)The Sinhali women are so ugly, I've seen them when I visited Sri Lanka myself.

The world knows these facts though you were fast asleep. Your government could not defeat them on level terms. I think all violence is terrible, however I understand the motives of desperation.

The war begun only when the terrorist LTTE closed the mavilaru sluice gates and deprived tens of thousands on people drinking and agricultural water. You choose to show the ugly side of the Singhalese culture, I choose to convey the truth.

So the only possibility is for the Sinhali men to indulge in sex with the other women.

But since even their own wives hate sleeping with them, they rape the innocent Tamil women and satisfy their brutal, cannibalistic and unsatisfied libido with the beautiful Tamil women.

Publisher: Bonnie King CONTACT: [email protected]: [email protected]~Truth~~Justice~~Peace~TJPAbdul Hassan May 1, 2013 am (Pacific time)The war is already ended. Anyone can see the differance if you are to visit Jaffna, kilinochchi or Mulative today. Outsiders, It is better to mind your own business since We do not care about indians victims in Kashmeer, daily raping and all ther fucking babarians...


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