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Not that I like the smell of urine in general, but I definitely do. It’s made by Clear Choice, a pioneer that’s been around for 22 years (since 1993), and is sold from their main website a 200% money back guarantee.

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Drug companies have become better at detecting if urine is synthetic or not though, so low quality brands are highly unreliable. Let’s say you smoked a huge amount of cannabis on the day of your drug test.

I’d recommend Sub-Solution which is what I have the most experience with and what me and my friends use when we need to. Then detoxing or attempting to mask the drugs are not realistic methods for you, but using urine that isn’t yours to test negative, is.

Most common is inside your undiesr or possibly bra if you’re a female.

Here are some ideas on where to hide it for a supervised but not super-strict test; An important part of the drug testing process of urine samples is the adulteration check.

This isn’t the norm however, so do your research on this one.

If it’s an unsupervised test you shouldn’t really need to hide it at all while peeing, so just use some common sense while transporting it.

Many people use synthetic urine to pass their urine drug tests.

It is a fact however, that drug testing companies are constantly evolving, and substituting fake pee for your own has become harder to get away with than it once was.

This is done to determine whether the specimen being tested is genuine and not fake/synthetic, is diluted, or if it has been tampered with in order to mask drug metabolites in any way.

Here are a few important things the test examines; When reading synthetic urine reviews online and other people’s experience with synthetic urine, on forums and such, it’s important to look at the date.

If you know you will have no need for instantly heating your sample, this is definitely a valid choice as well.

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