Dhcp not updating dns reverse lookup zones

It lets them know “something” changed, so they should pull the new config. If you now click on the arrow by Edit and then click on Zone settings you will see the setting you just entered. (SOA = Start of Authority) is telling other DNS servers I’m the first and most important server for the domain we can edit the Email: value to a valid email address. We can leave all the other numbers as they are as they are sane values. This shows the values that are created automaticially from the information you have entered already. The mailserver also needs an MX type record so other mail servers know what hostname/IP address to connect to, when sending emails to a domain.

I did not enter anything in the name field as this MX type record is for the primary domain The mailserver also runs a web server for a blog but we do not want the URI’s going to https://mailserver.

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The designated primary for a zone (forward or reverse) that is under the DSf W domain must be the server that handles the dynamic updates.

This must either be the domain controller or the server that communicates with the DHCP server.

The forest root domain DSf W DNS servers must be made authoritative (primary) for all the reverse lookup zones and for all the forward zones if a delegate zone approach is not possible.

Ensure that you create the necessary reverse zones for all of the subnets used in your environment, using the DNS/DHCP Management Console.

For other DSf W installations, such as child and additional domain controllers, the DNS server is optional and is not enabled by default.

You can plan to introduce additional DNS servers in the Domain for the following situations: For most DNS deployments, you must have two central DNS servers that host every DNS Zone in the e Directory tree.

You will only really need this if you have some local servers, computers or other devices that need to be accessed. If you need help installing the DNS package do not even try this tutorial you are not ready yet. Learn to swim before jumping into the middle of the river! This is where you configure the lookups, where you know the hostname and want to find the IP address. Note: I use a serial format of the date yyyymmddnn where the last two digits ‘nn’ are just a sequential number for changes I made by hand on a particular day. We also need one A type record for each server or device in our domain. we will need to setup mailserver and the media server running mythtv called mythtvserver.

Once installed and running you will find the DNS icon in the main menu. This serial number is used if you have a backup or slave DNS systems. The NS type record was created already when we created the forward zone. Use the example below to create the others as well.

So please select also “Store the zone in Active Directory”. In a pure Windows Server DNS environment you should select “Allow only secure dynamic updates” otherwise you should select “Do not allow dynamic updates”.

In our case we select “Primary zone” and we want to store the information in Active Directory. Now you have to set Dynamic Update for DNS entry’s.

basically, you need to create an RNDC key and a assign that RNDC key updateable access from your pc.

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