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If the air conditioning stops working but the fan continues to blow warm air, a leak in a hose, connector or other part of the system is probably the culprit.During the winter, you may notice that the defroster isn't clearing fogged-up windows; that is also a sign that you have a leak.Cars.com's Editorial department is your source for automotive news and reviews.

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Therefore, we are always interested in your air conditioning questions and we welcome technical inquiries.

I call it the absence of malice problem: I only notice something is wrong because I take for granted how often everything is right.

Note that we are talking about "refrigerant," not Freon, the brand name for a type of refrigerant that is no longer manufactured in the U. R-134a refrigerant may also be used in some vehicles.

The EPA provides helpful information for consumers about whether they should have the air conditioner in their car topped off with refrigerant or evacuated and recharged, found here.

Most defrosters engage the air conditioning to dehumidify the air.

Problems with your car's AC may also signify compressor on condenser troubles that require professional repair.

Turn the key and go; it’s what we demand of today’s cars, and it’s what we overwhelmingly get.

When things do go awry, it’s always interesting to see how people cope. Then you leave the car in the driveway overnight, and go out the next day and actually believe it might be OK, like it just needed a little rest so it could become air conditioning again.

COM — On hot, sunny days, few things are more frustrating than having to ride around in a car with a non-functional cooling system.

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