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While the video plays a song can be heard playing over the top of the footage, featuring the words:'We flew over Vistula and Warta,'We flew through Poland's heartland.'Socked it and rocked it, each enemy pocket,'Bombing, blitzing, scorching our brand.'Comrade in arms, Comrade,'The roses at home long to ramble.'Comrade in arms, Comrade,'Orders came, we must scramble.'Comrade in arms, Comrade,'The motto we all know.'The enemy engage, ferocious combat wage,'Blitzing the English foe.'We challenge the British lion,'To a fateful battle royal.'We're holding court, making Empires shrift short.'The mongers of war we'll foil.'Comrade in arms, Comrade,'The girls are all waiting down home.'Comrade in arms, Comrade,'We fly-boys are tasked higher to roam.'The video finishes with the narrator telling the audience that bombs 'rained down' on British air fields, fuel dumps and industrial zones.'English plutocrats want war,' he says.'They got it!

One day later, the German flag was raised over the islands.

Hitler thought that the islands were of strategic importance given their proximity to France, while Churchill had made the decision early on in the war to leave the islands undefended, as he thought they presented very little strategic advantage The voiceover that can be heard on the film saying:'German occupation of Guernsey and Jersey was our first step on British soil.'Garrison defenders fled or were captured.

Just half-a-dozen resolute souls stayed behind and quietly got on with their lives.

The result was that, with no prying eyes to monitor the activities of the roughly 3,000-strong German garrison, they had a free hand to do whatever they wanted.

The Channel Islands, which include Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, were invaded by the Germans shortly after they took France in June 1940.

Hitler thought the islands were of strategic importance given their proximity to France, while Churchill made the decision early on in the war to leave the islands undefended as he thought they presented little strategic advantage.

Alderney was unique in the occupation of the Channel Islands in that — whereas most of the civilian population remained in Guernsey and Jersey — the island was almost totally evacuated before the all-conquering German army arrived in late June 1940.

In six ships, its 1,500 residents left en masse for the mainland of Britain, where they remained for the rest of the war.

The sentencing in Eaton County is likely to be similar to the remarkable victim impact statements in nearby Ingham County over the past two weeks.


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