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The results are often surprising, and unless you are a collector, downright disappointing.

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So if the whisky has an age statement, don’t count backwards from the date on the tax stamp to figure out what year it is from. As well, whisky is not considered to age in the bottle, so a 15-year-old whisky from 1952 is still 15 years old.

For Canadians buying whisky from outside the country there is also another twist. It is illegal for consumers to have whisky shipped to Canada.

The writing was on the wall for the future of the famed Waterloo plant.

But unlike many other commercial enterprises, Seagram’s was in no hurry to turn its back on its heritage.

The Waterloo distillery where this ambrosial delight was made is gone now, converted to condos, offices, and parking lots.

However, this particular bottling remains as the apogee of the blender’s art, and nothing short of Sam Bronfman’s legacy of quality and taste.

People often send notes to wanting to know the value of an old bottle of whisky.

That’s a good thing in one way, but not so good in another.

And then there are lilacs and pansies, the prototypical floral aromas of well-aged rye.

The nose of this 100% Waterloo whisky is a little more robust than Crown Royal XR, which it resembles, and is much creamier and fruitier than today’s De Luxe.

Here, the bottles are listed alphabetically by country making it pretty easy to find what you are looking for. The other source of pricing information is the ubiquitous e-Bay.

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