Free sluts cam now - Dating personals qustions and answers

As I see it, you must strengthen your inner self and not allow yourself to be affected by the opinions and behavior or others.

Having a strong spirit is what helps us through all of life’s dilemmas/challenges, including that of marriage and relationships in general.

I have never dated and maybe that is the reason why I am in my late twenties and still not married. I don’t trust any guys, I mean what if I went to meet someone and then he didn’t like me and then he told people about it... I think I have become like this because I have a few older brothers and grew up hearing them talk about girls, and which are pretty and which aren’t.

Dating personals qustions and answers

Then nothing haraam can be done, so every time the guy comes over the parent is right there included in their conversations. The situation you described where the couple is sitting with a family member is not dating.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the meetings are held with the intention of finding out whether or not this person is a suitable marriage partner.

So it means that this is the time when we have to step up the challenge, retain our identity, insist on our values and get on with life.

salam alikum, i know that dating is haram but what if the couple wants to get to know each other under parent supervision?

Sometimes people think that if they meet lots of people, go out, and have the whole ‘get to know you’ scenario, that this will somehow guarantee them a successful marriage.

The thing is that we should understand that we are accountable for what we do in life and the way we try to do it.

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Salam Salma, I do refuse to date when it comes to blind dates, because the thought of being rejected freaks me out.

But what we can control, is how we react and respond to what happens to us.


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  3. When we can’t get it we get defiant (thinking they’re better and right). We can say “I was doing my idealistic game again, I will go and learn this”, or get passive-aggressive (nothing you say or do helps, they want no action).

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