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'Your own personal view of what you’re capable of is usually more expansive, but if you’re not given those opportunities, then you start to feel—I certainly did—that maybe you’re not capable of doing different kinds of things.' Her belief: Lizzy pointed out the her desire to take on new roles, something that Hollywood isn't keen on allowing, according to her.

Jake Johnson: With that in mind big guy, can I keep your shirt and the boxers?

Jake Johnson: I have two pairs on, 'cause the first one was just to stop drippage.

Jake Johnson: We're gonna change this tone, and I want you guys to ask us to stay. Uh, uh, uh, would you, would you please consider staying?

Jake Johnson: You guys don't seem like the kind of friends we wanna be friends with.

Kathryn Hahn: I would love to see someone else having sex!

Rob Riggle: What do you mean you want to, what are you saying? Jake Johnson: For what we did on those sheets, we should wash them.

Kathryn Hahn: I don't wanna contaminate the evidence!

I try to bring elements of my own personality to every character I've played, but I think I'm pretty similar to the character I'm playing now.

We’re wearing ours with nude accessories for our up-coming wedding receptions and dinners under the stars!

Lizzy’s dress from Valentino is up for grabs at Net-a-Porter (right).

Lizzy Caplan: Why do these girls always get on their knees?


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