Accommodating conflict management Livesex chat emerican

Borisoff and Victor (1998) point out, "We have come to recognize and to acknowledge the benefits dealing with conflict affords.

As a result, the original basis for the conflict continues unabated, held in check only temporarily until another confrontation arises to set the same unresolved tensions into motion again.

Therefore, conflict avoidance strategies are not especially useful in the long run.

However, conflict may actually be either functional or dysfunctional.

Whereas dysfunctional conflict is destructive and leads to decreased productivity, functional conflict may actually encourage greater work effort and help task performance.

Conflict management, therefore, was synonymous with conflict avoidance.

This left the people experiencing the conflict with essentially only one outcome: a win-lose scenario.

The human relations view of conflict management dominated from the late 1940s through the mid-1970s.

This viewpoint argued that conflict was a natural and inevitable occurrence in any organizational setting.

The need for empirical studies is emphasized in the review to identify appropriate interventions that would effectively enhance nursing students' skills in managing conflicts using a rigorous method.


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