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Hitler’s apparent target was the new law — but in fact — as Toland brings out: “the speech was a denunciation of the Jews and their plans to conquer the world.

Never before had Hitler given such a reasonable explanation of how and why the Jews had gained such power.” It behooves us to view specific excerpts from Hitler’s speech to decide if Toland has aptly described the speech as Hitler’s “reasonable explanation” of Jewry’s attainment of power in post World War I Germany…whether we agree or not with Hitler’s remarks…or Hitler himself.

The dominant NAMES are not Catholic, Methodist, Buddhist, or Hindu…they are ‘Jewish’ names.

A quick check of our beleaguered planet today informs that a scant 0.2% of the world’s population refers to itself as ‘Jewish.’ There are only 7 million ‘Jews’ in Israel and slightly less than that number in the US.

‘Share-capital’ was in the ascendant and thus bit by bit the Stock Exchange came to control the whole national economy.” Hitler then denounces the Gentiles who acted as “window dressing” for the Jews: “The directors of these institutions were without exception, Jews.

I say ‘without exception,’ for the few non-Jews who had a share in them were nothing but shop-window Christians, whom one needs to keep up the appearance that these institutions were founded as a natural outcome of the needs of all peoples alike, and were not, as was the fact, institutions which correspond with the essential characteristics of the Jewish people.” Next, Hitler denigrates Democracy as the means of Jewish ascendancy: “Under the concept of Democracy, it was possible to create a State-form by which the mastery over the herd by the Jewish intelligentsia who control the organs of information is guaranteed.

Hardly a worthy way to study anything of such great magnitude.

For the record, as any honest look at history is concerned, Stalin, for example, made Hitler look like a Boy Scout.

Grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, be encouraged in your faith, and build your knowledge of the Bible with One Christian radio programs.

as being “scrupulously accurate,” the New York Times joined literary critics from around the world in praising the renowned historian’s works.

The answer is cradle-to-grave Zionist-Illuminati mind control…birthed and bred with the legend of the ‘Holocaust’ of WWII.

An honest inquiry demands that one start with the names…because the NAMES tell the story.

The Times’ acclamation of Toland included his biography Adolf Hitler…Zionism’s ultimate weapon in bludgeoning generation after generation into emotional, if not intellectual, submission.


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