Who is ali macgraw dating

(Swanson's then-husband was a French aristocrat.)On the set of 1950's "Stromboli," Ingrid Bergman fell so hard for director Roberto Rossellini that she left her husband and daughter for him. The couple had three children and stayed together until 1957, when Rossellini had a affair with Sonali Dasgupta, the Bengali wife of another filmmaker.This sparked a scandal that continued even after Bergman and Rossellini got married—at one point, the Swedish star was denounced on the floor of the U. Patricia Neal was 21 and Gary Cooper was 46 when they began an affair during the shooting of 1949's "The Fountainhead." This was no casual fling—one night, after Cooper saw Neal kiss Kirk Douglas, he slapped her across the face.Of course, so do many lovebirds before the honeymoon is over.

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Who is ali macgraw dating

They prophetically met on the set of "The Marrying Man." Once they were wed, the gorgeous and volatile Alec Baldwin and the gorgeous and volatile Kim Basinger hosted political fundraisers even as personal demons made headlines: Alec punched a photographer as they left the hospital with their newborn daughter Ireland, and Kim suffered from crippling shyness and agoraphobia.

Their divorce became a bitter custody battle, culminating in a leaked voicemail of Alec calling then-11-year-old Ireland a "rude, thoughtless little pig." Talk about daddy issues.

"If I can negotiate with the North Vietnamese, I think I can smooth the way with Ali." Evans remembers him saying.

To which the notorious film producer replied: "Henry, you know countries, but you don't know women.

After that, she took the girl back and claimed she had adopted the child an infant.

Katherine Hepburn said she fell in love with Spencer Tracy the first time she met him, when they made 1941's "Woman of the Year." Tracy, a Catholic, would never divorce his wife, and there were rumors about both actors' sexuality.

After that, things can get really ugly—especially in the media spotlight.

Here are 16 celebrity couples whose breakups became tabloid sensations, starting with Kim Basinger (in honor of her birthday) and Alec Baldwin."They looked so happy.

[but] then she'd explode."While Cary Grant was married to actress and writer Betsy Drake, he and Sophia Loren began an affair that lived up to the the title of the 1957 movie they were filming in Spain: "The Pride and the Passion." A year later, Grant and Loren co-starred in "Houseboat"—originally based on a script by Grant's wife—but by then the affair was over and Loren had married Carlo Ponti.

Both were married when they met—Catherine Deneuve to photographer David Bailey; Marcello Mastroianni to actress Flora Carabella—but the relationship lasted from 1971 to 1975.

Gary Cooper was still married when he hooked up with Grace Kelly while filming 1952's "High Noon." By then he had turned 50; his on-screen wife was just 22.


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