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We need to keep the doors open for everyone.” Branagh’s runs between from 1-23 September, successful ticket applicants only able to purchase two tickets.

And Sir Ken has revealed it took him a whopping nine months to select the right style of facial hair for the part.

He told The Guardian: “We started with something thinner than Charlie Chaplin’s, then something that went up, that went down.

Sir Kenneth's big 2017 movie comeback is his directorial effort Murder On The Orient Express, following on from the 1974 version starring Albert Finney, and the book by Agatha Christie.

While the focus ought to be on Kenneth's lead role as Belgian detective Hercule Poirot - famously played on telly by David Suchet - his huge moustache has been a major talking point.

Kenneth, who is the middle of his parents' three children, trained in his craft at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA).

His contemporaries included Alan Rickman, Juliet Stevenson and Fiona Shaw, and throughout the 1980s Kenneth performed in numerous stage productions.In 2017 movie Dunkirk, Kenneth played Commander Bolton - who helps rescue the soldiers who were left in trouble in Dunkirk.Considering nearly 70,000 British soldiers lost their lives during the 1940 Battle Of Dunkirk, when Allied troops were surrounded by the German army, fans were considerably moved by the film.“Kenneth Branagh and I have long talked about working on the play together and now felt like the right time, at the right place.” actor continued: “The performing arts exist to bring people together, not to break or keep them apart.I hope the funds raised by the production will help RADA continue to provide a wider field of equal opportunity to train actors, stage managers and technical theatre artists, from every background, to a standard of excellence and professionalism.The production will only run for three weeks at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art’s (Rada) Jerwood Vanbrugh theatre, a venue that only seats 160 occupants.


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