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It’s a popular look with celebs – actress Kristen Bell was also spotted in the getup for a recent movie premiere!

Although we love the look on both stars, we’re definitely taking inspiration from the more casual way in which Kylie styled hers!

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Morley is a fictional brand of cigarette that has appeared in various television shows, films, and video games that otherwise have no connection to each other.

The iconic, fictional brand packaging resembles the original packaging of the Marlboro cigarette brand.

They recently sparked reconciliation rumours when they were both pictured at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont on Thursday evening.

And now an onlooker inside the restaurant has all but confirmed that Kylie Minogue and Oliver Martinez are back together after admitting the pair 'seemed to be very much a couple'.

He wrote on Twitter: 'Delighted to see Maggie Oliver is in the house!

Maggie & Sara brought the Rochdale grooming gang to my team & ultimately saved dozens of young women from further abuse.' As the show marked the centenary of women winning the right to vote in the UK with an all-female initial line-up, viewers took to Twitter to nominate Ms Oliver to win the whole programme.The actor wore a black leather jacket with a pair of dark boot-cut jeans, but failed to go unnoticed by awaiting photographers in an eye-catching yellow helmet.On Wednesday, 49-year-old Kylie shared a photo of herself joyfully running down one of the Chateau Marmont's hallways, accompanied by the cryptic caption: 'Let's GO!!! It appears the singing sensation may be staying at the ritzy Hollywood hotel, as she posted another picture from the venue on Tuesday, the Fourth of July.She's also the early bookmakers favourite to win the reality show.One viewer commented: 'Maggie Oliver to Win Celebrity Big Brother!Kylie Minogue was sure not to let anything steal her spotlight when she opted for this fabulously feminine outfit for her 4th of July celebrations.


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