Updating old furniture ideas

A shelf with pegs will keep jerseys, jackets and coats from piling up, while a large lidded basket is perfect for storing backpacks.

Disparate metal house numbers and a battery-powered clock movement create an off-beat-yet-functional focal point in this living room. House numbers are readily available at any hardware store, but you can save money while achieving a more interesting look by sourcing old house numbers at salvage yards or a rehab store.

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Painting the ceiling a soft shade of blue, that mimics the sky, draws your eye up and makes rooms feel more airy and open.

See more of this creatively decorated home, that was featured in HGTV Magazine.

Toss in a few kicky pillows and your living room will have a fresh new vibe.

Instead of hitting the store for a run-of-the-mill lampshade, take a look at items you already have on hand.

Adding a designer touch is a cinch with this project.

Simply surround a small round framed mirror with bare branches gathered in your backyard.

Curtains can easily be pulled closed to hide the clutter.

Check bargain stores for inexpensive ready-made draperies or make your own using patterned flat sheets.

Save money by skipping the paper altogether and applying the pattern directly to the wall with stencils and house paint you already have on hand.

Check your local craft store or sites like for a pattern that suits your style, then apply it to the wall with a stiff-bristled brush. We all have hand-me-down pieces that, with just a little imagination, could be put to good use as something new.

Here, half of a kids' globe makes a conversation-starting shade for a vintage lamp base.

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