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(If you would like a DMX system that does, take a look at our RDM DMX article)When a DMX Lighting Control talks – everyone else listens!

Information about each “DMX Channel” (in the old days, a dimmer number) and it’s level (0 – 100%) is transmitted down the DMX “Universe” cable and each DMX stage lighting fixture, moving light or smoke machine listens for it’s own part of the signal stream and ignores everything else.

The signal is then transmitted over and over in “packets”, giving a regularly updated stream for the rig to obey.

) lighting that needed more than 1 DMX channel per fixture.

This means that fixtures are assigned a DMX “start address” which is the first channel in a sequential batch that the fixture listens to.

If your fixture uses 6 DMX channels and you set it to a “start address” of 001 then it listens to channels 001,002,003,004,005 and 006.

Your next free address for another fixture is then 007 because if you set it to 006 then the “channel overlap” would create a conflict of control.

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As a Montana fan, I have now grown very, very weary of the whole rape case situation.If you have any experience of stage lighting you have probably used the DMX512 protocol to control your lighting rig.Apart from being able to control your dimmers, DMX lighting control is at the heart of intelligent lighting, moving lights and accessories.This article explains the basics of a full DMX stage lighting system while busting some of the myths surrounding DMX lighting control.On Stage Lighting runs a short course on the basics of DMX Stage Lighting Systems online.Once all intelligent lighting fixtures, dimmers and accessories are connected up and “addressed” the lighting desk can control each part of the rig indiviually using their own unique DMX address.


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