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Moll said the real Claudia — Claudia Alley — was one of the first people to respond to his email blast.

Robinson said she went on a few dates with people she met through the app.

But she said she didn't have a good experience with it.

Moll is thankful Claudia Alley found his gesture to be endearing.

And he's also glad her parents didn't name her Ashley."If it was a more common name, it would have been a lot harder," Moll said.

“It even says when you match with someone, ‘do you want to message them or keep playing? Tinder’s game-like design might also limit its ability to create long-term, romantic relationships.“On Tinder, it’s just being liked based on does somebody like how you look in your picture," she said.

Other students shared Pouliot’s frustration with Tinder’s perceived ineffectuality.“If you’re looking for something serious, don’t go on Tinder,” journalism junior Kayla Robinson said.“If you wanted something with no strings attached, you were able to do that.”Now, to many people, the app has become less about dating and hooking up and more about joking around.“You would see profiles where it was just pictures of laundry machines and it would say, ‘come throw your dirty laundry in me,'” Pouliot said.When a Missouri State professor read Hayden Moll's name while taking attendance Monday morning, there were whispers throughout the classroom.Over the weekend, Moll went from anonymous freshman to "The guy who emailed every Claudia on campus."The Cape Girardeau native had his story featured on "Today," Barstool Sports, USA Today and many other websites throughout the country.All he knew about the 18-year-old brunette is that she went to MSU. Rather than sit back and wonder what might have been, Moll searched "Claudia" on Missouri State's website and on Saturday emailed everyone with that name — about 40 people, he said.


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