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The actor contends she extorted him into signing a lopsided 2012 divorce settlement.

Howard's efforts to cut his financial commitments to Ghent forced him to revisit what his attorney called a low point in his career and life.

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They’ve never had sex and maybe that’s a good thing because if they had…

I don’t know.” That also applies as much to their characters, who have yet to do the deed on-screen (though one imagines they might eventually), as it does to Terrence and Taraji in real life.

The re-examination of old — and new — allegations against Howard comes at a sensitive time for the resurgent actor, who took time away from the "Empire" set last week to spend three days in court trying to undo a divorce settlement that entitles his ex-wife to a share of his earnings.

It also comes at a time when the public is interested in the circumstances of old allegations against celebrities, such as accusations about years of sexual abuse by comedian Bill Cosby.

Within the span of a couple hours last week, Howard shifted from tearfully recounting threats Ghent made to him to leak private information, including years of phone sex conversations with other women and a video of him dancing naked in a bathroom, to bristling at questions that focused on his arrests.

The actor told a judge that he feared the release of the information at the time would have ended his acting career.

Admissions by Howard that he was unfaithful to Ghent during their engagement and acknowledging he struck his first wife in anger are unlikely to hurt his standing on the show or with its fans.

His "Empire" character is a bigoted, homophobic music mogul who hits his children, and anticipation remains high for the series' return on Sept.

"I think it can be personally humiliating, I think it can be embarrassing.


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