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“You go to war a little bit on the apps, it’s true, but if I can give any piece of advice to anyone it’s that give second chances … “I think a lot of people because of the disposability …

From reader Melissa: Dear Nev, Do you think online dating and all the ways to meet someone online have helped dating or hurt dating?

From reader Barbara: Do you think everybody tends to lie more online and exaggerate their feelings?

I think it's easier to lie online than it is to lie to someone's face.

From reader Amanda: Do you think emojis are an important part of dating? I'm not a big fan of emojis..use them sparingly.

producer took to Instagram to reveal that his lady love, Laura Perlongo, is pregnant! Related: The Sex Of Nicky Hilton's Baby Is Revealed! The TV star shared a sweet snap on social media of he and the expecting momma at an ultrasound appointment, captioning the precious pic: "IT'S A GIRL!

Like most girls not on birth control, every month there is a day or two where I confuse normal PMS with 'definitely pregnant.' So there I sat, waiting for menstrual reassurance next to my favorite lil digital sand timer, tapping cheerfully through stories on Snapchat.

star Nev Schulman married his girlfriend Laura Perlongo in a romantic ceremony in the backyard of his father's home in the Hamptons Saturday.

Honestly, I hope that everybody on the show has an experience that empowers them to be more honest and vulnerable.

We all need to be more open and communicative with our feelings, and the sooner we start taking chances and putting ourselves out there, the better.

I am so in love with you @el_peego and thank you for giving me this incredible gift. 👶🏼 No words can capture the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father.

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