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According to reports, Google is developing its own game streaming service that would allow users to pay a monthly fee and play all the games available in the service. Streaming is apparently Google's choice rather than hopping into processing power competition against the likes of Sony and Microsoft.Games would be streamed over the internet and played with relatively cheap device.The world's largest consumer electronic show, aptly name CES or Consumer Electronics Show, just ended few weeks ago and we're already approaching the largest mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress.

This year, Samsung returns to Barcelona's show floors with added flair as it is gearing up for the release of Galaxy S9.

Rumors and leaks around Galaxy S9 have been tightening the noose around the neck of Samsung's secrecy.

They seem to have the same glass sandwich design from last year, that is beautiful but fragile.

If you want to look for surprises, you could maybe call the camera setups one.

Google seems to be horrible at implementing social media and messaging.

Another try might be on the way, as Android Police have found proof, albeit very unofficial, about a new iteration of messaging on Android.

The normal S9 has a single shooter, while the bigger one employs a dual-camera setup.

Also Samsung has definitely learned a lesson with the fingerprint sensor, that was previously placed too high next to the camera.

Even though Google's mobile operating system, Android, is arguably not as open source as the company wants you to think, many of the building blocks of it, thanks to AOPS or Android Open Source Project, are everybody's game.


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