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Under her cheerleading skirt, resistance comes in the form of practical bottoms. She raises her hips as I pull a side down and she quickly assists or risks injury. Amber squeals in my ear "That feels so good Jamie." I continue my caress with small penetrations. I finally tear my left hand out of her and start the fumbling process on my belt. "No it's cool" as she raises up and puts her arms around me scooting completely onto my lap offering a make up kiss. She grabs my head and sighs, spreading her other leg allowing complete access. I promise." "Entering her mouth with my tongue , there's just nothing like tonguing with her. Knowing what I want, I pull off her mouth and ask "would you suck me?

Running my hands up her leg with a firm touch, knowing I'm going to be safe draws me back to her full lips with a kiss that is not tender, simply wanton. Amber giggles, knowing I'm getting my butt kicked by a piece of elastic. Tugging on my first clit with workable knowledge brings gasps and a hip searching from her. Looking at her, my hand finds her breast again and I respond squeezing it. I love kissing her but her ass on my cock does not offer a peaceful resolution. Afraid of her response I quickly continue my tonguing staying in the center and ending at the clit wanting to gain her confidence. Pushing and searching for the path of least resistance. Saying quickly as I see the concern in her eye; "The door's locked and Kevin is keeping a watch out.

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My weight on her left leg prevents movement but her right compensates by going high and wide without my direction. My fingers run a course through her folds creating that valley I've seen before. Leaning in I take a long firm lick up the center of her and I learn a new trade. "Come on Amber, Please" I start unbuckling my belt and whip it out.

Sliding down into her, my fingers don't' have to search, as contact is made. Rolling over on her I crawl down with my head on her thigh taking in her pussy. She does not hesitate and moves her hands down to her legs setting up guard. Pushing through brings guilty pleasure as her face contorts slightly. She's accepting it realizing the worst is over and trying to hang on for my completion. I put the strong arm on her hoping to convince her of my need.

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For full understanding of the background and history of my sexual experiences please read "Whip it Out." The letter "Broken" is not a necessity to read but gives the context as to why I decided to tell my experiences. Leaves changing, schools' starting, it's basketball country.

Scooting down a little in the seat my hips offer my cock help. Amber laughs, "Oooh a titty fuck I've heard of these" as she gets into it. He's good looking but can't put himself in front of rejection. She's pretty cool" "Are you fucking her in the ass? "Hey Kev, lets head down to the gym and see Amber." Kevin loved to hang out with both of us.

Amber has nervously reached orgasm, squeezing it off two times now. Eventually I settle my cock between her breasts and push them together. The next week, school finds Kevin and I in our Study Hall playing paper football as usual. I have gone to the gym many times during this hour as Amber has cheerleading practice and I had to get my fix.

I snuck out Saturday afternoon, swept it and placed in supplies. As she sits astride me stroking my cock directly in front of her pussy, comfortable in the knowledge I'm not going to take advantage. "It's your turn" as I smirk at her giving my meaning.

As we make out I desperately want to take complete control but I planned better this time. As we near completion I push her off and to her back and sit astride her as she squeals and regains control of my cock. , she says as I point my cock at her tits and poke them a little.

My hands find a home, massaging her breasts as she jacks me. " Shaking my head the affirmative, Kevin thinks I'm a god.

Taking me in hand she resumes her pace for a while.

I want so desperately to throw her ass on the truck seat and cum on her breasts. Passing the rubicon my hand leaves her breast and covers hers, giving assistance as my first shot lifts off. She doesn't flinch and stays on track, sliding her leg along mine showing her appreciation. " "You were" I said as I recoup leaned back in the truck seat. My friend kevin's going to question the hell out of me. Our clothes came off before the dust settled on the truck all the next week. Moving quickly now because the night is young I reach my peak and raise slightly as her hand comes back into control and continues it's quest. your crazy Jamie." I fall off her and rest as she continues to lay there knowing her times is coming. I knew what would get Kevin's forgiveness and was hanging out with him one Saturday enduring his usual questioning. Stepping on the stage we could hang out at the weight room by the coaches offices and take in all the pussy. Waving Amber over as they've moved to stretching, she jumps to the stage and gives us her smile which Kevin and I melt under.


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