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When you’re under 18 it’s against the law for anyone to take or have a sexual photo of you – even if it’s a selfie.

This means that if you pressure someone into taking a photo or you share a sexual photo with someone, you’re breaking the law.

Report sexting It’s against Facebook’s rules to post a naked picture of someone under 18.

If someone’s shared a naked picture of you on Facebook, you can report it and they’ll try to get it taken down.

If you’re both under 18 and in a healthy relationship it’s unlikely that the police would want to take things further.

If you’re worried about speaking to the police or if someone’s pressuring you to send a sexual photo, you can talk to a Childline counsellor.

A good idea might be to set up Snapchat so that you only receive messages from people on your friends list.

You can do this by going to your settings then going to ‘Who can send me snaps’.

Sometimes you might be added by a username that you don't recognise.

This can make it hard to tell if you know the person or not.

To report a Snapchat or Snapchat Live Story that contains nudity or bullying content: Advice will come up and underneath there’s a box that says ‘still need help? By selecting this, you’ll be taken to a form where you can explain.

Block someone If someone’s bullying you on Snapchat, blocking them will stop them from sending abusive messages.

The police have the power to decide whether it’s for the best to record what’s happened or to take things further.


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