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It is a stark contrast to the congenial description of the conversation both governments gave immediately after.The flashpoint of the phone call was the refugee deal struck between Mr Turnbull and former US president Barack Obama, according to the Washington Post journalist who broke the story, Philip Rucker.Before you contact us, you can find answers to common Store problems on the Google Store help center.

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Rucker said it was unusual for details of conversations between leaders to be leaked — but that this story had come from senior US officials."I don't know why necessarily these have been leaked out, but we have a lot of sources within the US Government," he said."My colleague Greg Miller and I heard about this conversation from senior US officials who have been briefed on some of the exact quotations from the conversation, and shared that information with us.

As for the refugee deal that reportedly sparked the "hostility"? The White House said Mr Trump was still evaluating the deal, while the State Department said refugees would come to US in accordance with the President's recent executive order.

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In July 2017, it was revealed that Medicare card details were being sold on the “dark web”, by a vendor who claimed to have access to every Australian’s Medicare card details, and could supply them on request, amounting to a serious data breach.

"Robust", "contentious" and "hostile" is how a weekend phone call between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump has been described.

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