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Whereas what I need to do is PROGRAMMATICALLY change the row. A added a special method to My Configuration class to help do this - given the name in the . My Configuration kconfig = (My Configuration) property Grid1. Refresh(); It's not pretty though - because the Selected Grid Item Changed event fires again right afterward.But I can figure out how to kludge it so the user never notices. You don't need to wire to the Selected Grid Item Changed event, just place the refresh in the setter if the grid is available to it, raise an event for the listener if not, or pass in a reference to the Property Grid in the class that is having its property set.

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I use a Property Grid to display all objects (their classes derive from class "A") which are bound to another object (class "B").

The amount of "A"s may change while a "B" is displayed.

Net / Date Time Picker replacement ( Home of Smart Property Grid for .

Net and MFC ( index.php/propertygrid) Microsoft Property Grid Resource List - Oct 10, am, "Mex" Ok i know now hot to use simple combobox inpropertygrid (see code below) but how to add items with value Mother=1, Sister=2 and when user select item from combobox i get valuemember not displaymember?

Is it possible to force the grid to autoupdate values whenever it is changed in the control?

Hi Ho to use dropdown in propertygrid with values from database?

(This string is always created when a Property Changed of the "Values"-property is received.)My Type Converter creates instances of my Indexed Value Descriptor class (derived form Property Descriptor) and initializes each one of them with a display-name, a property-name and the index of the integer (inside the "Values"-list).

The Get Value-method takes the provided object, uses reflection to find the property and returns the element described by the index.

NETProperty Grid is a standard component in Windows forms, that is in both 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the . This component allows the developer to display properties for nearly all types of objects without writing any additional code.

The Simplest Example Start a new Windows project, place a button and Property Grid on a new Form.

Hi Experts, Visual Studio 2005, NET Framework 2.0 When a Selected Grid Item Changed() event occurs, I want to fetch and modify the contents of the row on the Property Grid - and save it back to the Property Grid in the same row. Selected Grid Item has get; and set; support, but when I try to set the value I get a compile-time error "Error 1 Property or indexer 'System. It seems easier than going through the trouble of customizing a class just for this purpose - which I can't figure out how to do anyway.

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