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Recent advances in our understanding of the molecular biology of sex determination and differentiation, as well as in the control of gene expression and the direct modification of animal genomes, allows us to consider methods for the direct genetic manipulation of sexual phenotype.

One of the most common questions I get from my patients who have had had an abnormal pap due to HPV infection is this – Are they obligated to notify their past, current, future or potential sexual partners that they have or have had HPV? Although we can offer treatment or removal for genital warts and precancerous pap smears, there is no medical treatment to clear the HPV virus itself in an infected individual without these conditions.

That’s the job of the immune system, which can be helped along in this regard by using condoms, avoiding tobacco and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Unlike women, most men with HPV have no way of knowing they are infected.

Unless they have a visible genital wart, or a much, much rarer HPV-related cancer, most men who have HPV have no idea they are infected.

Those that don’t, and which carry precancerous changes, can be effectively treated,) 3.

Why then, should a woman be obligated to tell her partner that she has HPV? There is no role for partner notification and treatment in preventing the spread of HPV.

And if they are already in a caring relationship, they usually end up discussing it with their partner.

Because that’s what couples do – they talk about their lives, their health and their fears.

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