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She embarrasses him by telling his business associates what a cad he is at home.

She refuses to attend office functions or provide any other support for his occupation.

At least, he has the power to eradicate it if he cares enough.

In other words, many American women come into marriage with unrealistically romantic expectations which are certain to be dashed.

Judith Holder has a distinguished career in television, having produced some of the funniest people in the business, including Clive James, Billy Connolly, Dame Edna Everage, Victoria Wood and Lenny Henry.

She also ran the After They Were Famous strand on ITV for four years and originated all the big reunions, including the award-winning reunion of the seven children from The Sound of Music.

He didn't see it modeled by his father and his masculine, competitive temperament is not given to romantic endeavors. In the early years, John tries to accommodate Diane occasionally. This inflames his wife with each greater hostility.

Besides, his work takes every ounce of energy in his body. At other times, he becomes angry and they slug it out in a verbal brawl. She has said everything there is to say and it produced no response. Every morning he goes off to work where he can socialize with his friends, but she is stuck in this state of emotional deprivation.

She attacks him viciously for what she considers to be his deliberate insults, and bludgeons him for refusing to change.

John, on the other hand, does not have it within him to satisfy her needs. The more anger she displays for his un-involvement, the more detached he becomes.

Let me make it clear that I'm not condemning this woman out of hand. He doesn't meet her needs properly and he's an inveterate workaholic. I attempted to express this feminine perspective in my book But every story has two sides, and John's version should also be told.

His wife is wrong to believe that her contentment is exclusively his burden. A good marriage is one in which the dominant needs are met with the relationship, but where each spouse develops individual identity, interests and friendships.

Well done ladies Harrogate loved you - perhaps it's our northern sense of humour!

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