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Even less Mormons knew about the Limited Geography then than they do now.Why would he look in Peru if the Book of Mormon rescuing Limited Geography model centres on Mesoamerica?We’ll soon be giving you the choice to securely compare your DNA with other people's DNA in our database and that of our trusted partners.

Dna dating website

For the first time I have been given a sub-regional breakdown of my results which shows the regions within Britain where my ancestors possibly lived in the last few hundred years.

Living DNA is able to show you your ancestry in twice the detail of other tests.

Find out more We give you your estimated family ancestry breakdown today, and we also put your results in context, looking at your ancestry through history.

If you have British or Irish ancestry then it’s the only test that shows where within Britain and Ireland your ancestry comes from.

We also highlight any famous people who share the same fatherline group as you.

You will only receive this if you are a male because females don’t carry the Y chromosome – however, females will still get parts of their father's ancestry through their autosomal DNA.

The fact that Scott was doing such an extensive DNA study in Peru strongly suggest he had initially held hemispheric views of the Book of Mormon.

Back in 1998, almost all Mormons believed that the Lehites landed on the coast of Chile.

SGS (me) It is unfortunate that Perego would read that into my post on RFM.

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