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“In the past this wasn’t possible as the process became a manual one once it left the designer’s desktop.New features include: ○ Automated functions such as Ballooning Dimension IDs & Track Changes History ○ Enhanced Performance and Quality improvements for a more continuous workflow ○ Fundamental changes to your product development process ○ Extensive support for project collaboration and team connectivity About Inspection Geni Inspection Geni enables designers and engineers to expedite business processes, automate approval processes, slash costs and enable paperless documentations for storage and retrieval – taking Solid Works® software to a new dimension.Our clients range in size and represent all industry segments, giving our team members the opportunity to change the world, one client at a time.

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The unique selling point of Inspection Geni 3.1 – due for release worldwide in Q4 this year – is the new dimension-driven design change tracking feature which empowers designers by automatically recording a history of the changes made to any drawing once it has left his desktop .” The unique selling point of Inspection Geni 3.1 – due for release worldwide in Q4 this year – is the new dimension-driven design change tracking feature which empowers designers by automatically recording a history of the changes made to any drawing once it has left his desktop.

Today, using IG 3.1’s dimension ID’s and history module, designers are now able to promptly and accurately respond to any changes or inquiries.

BEACON has several best-of-breed partnerships in place that enables them to deliver a broad spectrum of industry solutions for CAD, CAM, Design Automation, Design Validation, Data Management, Documentation and Productivity Enhancement Tools.

Their longstanding relationship over the years with the principles Solid Works, Solid CAM and 3D Quick Tools, proves their commitment to the CAM/CAM/CAE business and industry, and the large customer base built in a relatively short span of time, showcases their unmatched commitment to the customer and his success.

For the latest news, information, special price offers or an on line demonstrations visit our Web site at SIM Technologies SIM Technologies, founded in the year 2000 in Chennai, is a leading CAD/CAM/CAE solution provider having catered to a wide array of design and manufacturing industries throughout the country.

Their sincerity and commitment towards customers has not only attained the trust of many but also helped them expand their operations to industrial hub like Bangalore, Coimbatore & Kolhapur.”We will demonstrate how the latest version of Inspection Geni – 3.1- can benefit designers who work with Solid Works,” said Doron Sashkis, CEO, Albitech, the developer of Inspection Geni.“This includes the ability to generate and view detailed history reports that will enable designers to track all the changes that have been made on a model, revealing the dimensions that have been altered as well as custom properties.Visit our website: # # # Corporate Contact Doron Sashkis Phone Number (US) 1 (678) 667-8771 Phone Number (Intl.) 972 547-717-258 E-mail Address [email protected] Contact Russel Harris Phone Number 972 547-312-010 E-mail Address [email protected] in news, PR, tagged "new single", Acceptance Sampling, Aerospace and Defense, Albitech, analysis technology, ANSI Sampling, ANSI Z1.4, AS9102, Automotive, ballooned drawings, CAD, charts, commentary, dimension changes history, Dimensions, Dimension Xpert, Excel, FAI, First Article Inspection, free downloads, Inspection for Solid Works, Inspection Geni, Inspection Report, Inspection Sheet, Inspection Solid Works, Inspection Geni, inspectionxpert, instructions, Key Performance Characteristic, KPC, Manufacturing, PPAP, Quality Inspection, Solid Works, Solid Works tips & tricks, Spreadsheet on November 6, 2011| Leave a Comment » Hertzlia, Israel October 3, 2011 —Solid Works® CAD Gold Partner Inspection Geni (IG) is exhibiting at t 16th Annual Solid Works Mechanical & Industrial Designers Meeting at the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv, today.The meeting showcases Solid Works solutions that are essential to the planning process, allowing designers to enjoy a complete process under a single product family umbrella, enabling them to manage and share information, perform simulations of the external environment, and generate FAI and Inspection Reports within the CAD environment.This includes the ability to customize company-specific property settings, as well as the detailed history reports that may be generated, allowing users to track changes made to all dimensions and view custom properties,” said Sridhar M C, from MCS Techno Solutions.


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