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Learning how to approach women, strike up a conversation and charming them into being interested in going on a date with you is a difficult – but important – skill to master.

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Of course, if you wanted to see farther, you’d need a much larger telescope array.

Anyone who reads my site for long enough knows I’m a big proponent of the cold approach.

If the angle between two distant points is θ, the light in question has a wavelength of λ, and the size of your telescope is D across, then the smallest resolvable angle is approximately .

What’s a little weird is that this D isn’t just limited to the size of the mirror or lens of a single telescope.

“Resolving power” is a measure of the smallest angle that the telescope can reliably detect.

Telephoto lenses need to be large because the amount of light that bounces off of a distant object and that then goes through the lens is fairly small. They need to be long for other, more subtle, reasons.By combining information from all of these radio-telescopes together they behave like one very large telescope that is effectively 36km across (the dishes are mobile and can be separated by at most 36 km).Coincidentally, something that’s a large distance L away, and that’s a size S across, takes up an angle of approximately .This is one of the reasons why social calibration is one of the most important parts of getting better at dating; recognizing the times when it is and appropriate to approach women is vital – not just to your dating success but to avoiding being creepy by accident.One of the keys to social calibration is understanding the cues and context that tell you when a woman is open to being approached and when she isn’t.Spotting dudes and ladies on one of these worlds requires, at minimum, a telescope array that’s at least 100 million km across.


  1. Her boyfriend proposed her to make a sextape right there on the couch while her parents were out.

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  3. He defeated Douglas in the general election, and this set the stage for the American Civil War.

  4. The men are obligated to pray every morning by a certain time.

  5. als jij een man bent die wel op zoek is naar een vrouw met een lekker stel tieten dan denk ik dat je bij mij wel goed zit. Ik was toen al bezig met kijken naar mensen en met mezelf spelen.

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