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Select the Group Policy tab, select the GPO and click Edit, as The failed autoenrollment occurred because the remote procedure call (RPC) server wasn’t available on the CA that was running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed.

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To resolve the problem, run the SCW (Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Security Configuration Wizard) and enable the Certificate Server in the Select Server Roles section and the "Ports used by System RPC applications" option in the "Open Ports and Approve Applications" section.

Be careful when using autoenrollment for the Exchange User certificate, which is used to encrypt messages when users log on to more than one machine and access mail.

In this example, we’ll enable autoenrollment for certificates to be used for digital signatures and message encryption via Microsoft Office Outlook 2003: Select the General tab and enter a name for the new template (e.g., Exchange Signature Only Custom).

Don’t enable digital signature publishing in AD (this is not needed for signatures because the certificate is enabled in the payload of the message sent). Alternatively, if you have archiving enabled, you can select the "Archive subject’s encryption private key" (the option might be grayed out depending on the type of certificate you’re duplicating).

It’s advisable to enable the key archival in case a private key is lost) Click the Subject Name tab and select "Build from this Active Directory information." Set "Subject name format" to "Fully distinguished name" and select the "Include e-mail name in subject name" check box. Some companies have a process whereby users are added to a group if they require certain certificate autoenrollments, which then are processed on their next logon or Group Policy refresh. Repeat the above steps for Exchange User, except that under the General tab, you need to enable publishing to the AD (this results in the public certificate being placed in the user’s user Certificate attribute for the user and is queried via the global catalog (GC) by the sending party and will be visible under the "Published Certificates" tab for the user in the Active Directory Users and shows.

(Certificates that are already being issued aren’t shown in the dialog box).

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On all other machines the corresponding private key is missing and the message is unreadable.

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