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The population is divided by social class, political party affiliation, generation, ethnicity, and region.

Having had a significant rural population well into the twentieth century, the country continues to be marked by a rural-urban split. The French often refer to their nation as a hexagon to describe its six-sided shape, and this term is also a symbol for the country.

Regional languages and dialects such as Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Basque, Alsatian, and Flemish are still in use, and some are taught in regional schools.

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France has a large range of terrain and a varied climate and geography.

The major mountain ranges are the Alps in the east and the Pyrenees in the southwest. The Massif Central is a large mountainous plateau in the central area, which includes the ancient volcanoes of the Auvergne region.

While tied to the mainland of Europe, the country is open to the Atlantic to the west.

It also has coasts on the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the English Channel to the north.

The winds that sweep across the territory have regional names and are connected to regional identity, the most famous being le Mistral in the Rhône valley. In an attempt to keep the population up, family allowances are given to each family per child, with no income restriction.

There is much population mobility from urban to rural areas and from region to region.Political and linguistic unification, especially through mass education, has been an ongoing project of nationalism.The immigrant population comes mainly from Portugal and northern Africa, although there has been increasing immigration from eastern Europe.The Toubon law of 1994 mandates that French be spoken in all official, public spheres of life.The French state also has played a role in the protection of global francophonie. It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.


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