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It was created by Patrick Sean Smith, and premiered on ABC Family network on July 9, 2007.After the first 10 episodes of Greek aired, production was halted because of the Writers Guild Strike.

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Casey gets even with Evan by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), the president of the party fraternity, Kappa Tau, which Rusty joins.

Throughout the season, Casey works to repair her relationship with Evan, and deal with Rebecca’s acrimonious attempt to undermine her leadership at ZBZ.

Later seasons would be divided into two halves, or simply "chapters." The first chapter of Greek opens as incoming freshman, Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) matriculates at Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU).

Rusty is the science-geek brother to social butterfly of CRU’s Greek system, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer).

Rusty manipulates Dale into contributing the Remington Herzog Atmospheric Destabilizing Module to the cause, impressing ZBZ pledge, Jen K.

Casey gears up to meet Evan’s parents, who are more concerned with connecting with Senator Logan’s daughter, Rebecca, forcing Evan to choose between what’s best for his family’s “connections” and what’s best for his relationship with Casey.When Rusty decides to rush a fraternity, their social lives collide.Rusty discovers Casey’s boyfriend, Evan (Jake Mc Dorman), cheating on Casey with Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria), an incoming, freshman pledge.All this activity leads up to Spring Break when Rebecca’s father's scandalous proclivities hit home, forcing a drunken confrontation with Cappie, an unplanned kiss on the beach between him and Casey, and a reconciliation between Rusty and Calvin.Two siblings, Casey and Rusty Cartwright, attend Cyprus-Rhodes University.Chapter two opens the first week of the new semester.


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