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The C-47 was suppose to be in the bone yard in 1949; but I road on one in 1962; and it was just fine. The B-52 and the C-47 , ( a small, old cargo plane ) and the KC-135 (a long range refuel tanker ) were and still are work horses for the Air Force.

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Too geared to the drug model (but many GPs are), and could be more open to integrative approaches.

If this is Dr Minh Nhut Ho then I'd not take anyone to see him.

While in hospital it was a coincidence to bump into another one of this doctor's patients who was having some toes removed.

The other older guy had diabetes and Dr Ho misdiagnosed him with gout too.

Unfortunately the guy had an infection which spread. This doctor is not very good for problems which are emotional, I was treated briefly for a knee-dislocation and no attention was paid to the effect this injury was having on my psyche or my emotions.

The clinic also doesn't like poeople who have work-cover claims.

Dr ho has been my and now my families dr for 10 years, he acts quickly and diagnosed my toddler with pneumonia after being misdiagnosed elsewhere and wrote a letter to the hospital to ensure he was admitted immediately.

I cannot reccomend dr ho highly enough Dr Ho has been our family doctor since 1996.

Minh Ho was the only GP which didn't think it was scabies and prescribed the right anti histamine for me to take to get it under control.


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  2. There’s no apps connection or anything like that, or social media. Does your method differ at all from your family’s methods? It wasn’t a business, it was more to get people married, because it was in the ’60s.

  3. You will fully submit to your seductive, beautiful mistress, devoting your life to your one and only goddess. Your duty as my cash cow will be to act as the equivalent of an ATM, hole in the wall, private bank - you're going to be my human cash machine, handing over money at every opportunity possible.

  4. I'm usually the one chastised by my co-workers for not wearing green. When it comes to comets, we know that when one starts "greening up," it's a sign that it's getting closer and brighter.

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