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In a letter to local media outlet the Lookout decrying “political correctness out of control,” 16-year-old Miller complained that “our school refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance in classrooms for years,” proof that “they only adhere to the liberal guidelines.” For months, Miller pestered school administrators to “bring back the pledge” even dragging the superintendent into the fight.

The pledge was ultimately reinstated, though Miller moaned in his letter that “it is still only said twice a week, while policy dictates it should be said every day.”6.

At least until you remember this guy is trying to turn the country into an all-white gated community.

The Trump administration is the natural place for Miller to end up. politicians out there, only to become the voice for the worst of all.

He’s been writing racist, anti-immigrant rants for half his life and he’s only 31. By all accounts, he is as terrible—and dangerous—as he seems, which is why he’s no laughing matter. As one of his high school classmates told the Daily Beast, “People laughed at [Miller] because he was a buffoon, he was a performer, he thrived on spectacle.

I’m very conscious now, looking back, that he was treated the same way that Trump was—he wasn’t taken seriously.”Here are 21 facts that explain who Stephen Miller is.1.

Right now, David Miller is in India with his South African cricket team for the bilateral series with India and he found the time for his ‘girl’ friend from his busy schedule.

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Miller was in the racial and political minority at Santa Monica High, where 30 percent of students were Latino, 12 percent black and 5 percent Asian.

Oscar de la Torre, a counselor at the school who remains active in the community, describes Miller as being “on a crusade against liberalism and liberals.”Student body president Justin Brownstone says Miller “enjoyed saying things that were perceived as racist.

and, most famously, for being the American tenor in the Simon Cowell-created classical project Il Divo (with over 30 million albums sold, Il Divo are actual Guinness World Record holders for the most commercially successful classical crossover act).


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