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That year, Palm Beach County was carved out of the northern portion of the region.

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Delray Beach's surfing fame increased somewhat serendipitously after a 1965 shipwreck.

During Hurricane Betsy, the 441 feet (134 m) freighter Amaryllis ran aground on Singer Island, creating a windbreak that formed perfectly breaking waves.

Partly in an attempt to change the community's luck, or to leave behind a bad reputation, the settlement's name was changed in 1901 to Delray, after the Detroit neighborhood of Delray ("Delray" being the anglicized spelling of "Del Rey", which is Spanish for "of the king"), which in turn was named after the Mexican-American War's Battle of Molino del Rey.

After 1905, newspaper articles and photographs of Delray events reveal that Japanese settlers from the nearby Yamato farming colony also began participating in Delray civic activities such as parades, going to the movies, and shopping. states and nine other countries are listed as the birthplace of its residents.

In the same year, pineapple and tomato canning plants were built. This is reflected in the name of the present day Pineapple Grove neighborhood near downtown Delray Beach.

Prior to 1909, the Delray settlement land was within Dade County.Delray was separated from the Atlantic Ocean beach by the Florida East Coast Canal (now part of the Intracoastal Waterway).In 1923 the area between the canal and the ocean was incorporated as Delray Beach.The 1910 census shows Delray as a town of 904 citizens. Although still a small town, Delray had a remarkably diverse citizenry.In 1911, the area was chartered by the State of Florida as an incorporated town.Delray issued bonds to raise money to install water and sewer lines, paved streets, and sidewalks. At that time Delray was the largest town on the east coast of Florida between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


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